Question: What size browband should I buy?

Answer: The best way to find the correct fit for your horse is to measure! Don’t measure your current browband. Take your current browband off your bridle and then put the bridle back on your horse.

Now…measure across your horse’s forehead starting on the bridle where your browband would normally be and then all the way across your horse’s brow to the other side. You may find that your new measurement is DIFFERENT than the length of your current browband.

REMEMBER: Too small is worse than too big. If our browband is too small it will pull and put pressure on your horse’s pole, the back of their ears and their forehead. OUCH!

Measure to ensure that you’re truly getting the correct size. Your horse will thank you!

General Sizing Info:teal peacock 3

  • 14″ – Pony
  • 15″ – Arab/Cob
  • 16″ – Average Horse
  • 17″ – Oversized
  • 18″ – Draft
  • 19″ + You have an elephant, not a horse!